Dear new members of our SHES Family,

We are very excited to welcome you, and get to know you and your families.

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are the SHES PTA Welcome
Committee and we hope we can be here to assist in any way as you
and your children join our school community.


We have all experienced trying to navigate all of the new things such as school activities, making personal connections and new friends, understanding school policies and traditions, community resources, and many other things.


It can be overwhelming entering into a new school and we hope to be a constant resource for you and friendly familiar face.


Please contact any of us with any questions,
or concerns you may have at any time. We truly look forward to hearing
from you and getting to know you better.

Warmest regards,
SHES PTA Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee Members


(631) 786-5957

Paul Denkewitz

child in 5th grade

Michelle Lenzi

child in kindergarden and 4th grade

Diana Esposito

child in 3rd grade and 3 children at Pierson

Vivian Farcas

child 7th grade

Rebecca Burnside

Child in 4th grade

Ana and Mauricio Arrieta

two children at Pierson (MS/HS)


(631) 871-3530


(917) 488-4957


(631) 848-8444

Kate McManus

child in 2nd grade and middle school

Youngju (Tina) Jun

child in 4th and one at Pierson

Alicia Tsibiridis

children in kindergarten and 4th grade


(516) 840-5755


(646) 280-4100


(917) 207-5317

Yadira and Jorge ( George) Luna

child in 4th grade


(631) 793-5905

Erica Arnold

children in 2nd, 5th and middle school

Denise Hallock

child in 4th grade

Sag Harbor Elementary School PTA
68 Sag Harbor Street

Sag Harbor NY 11963