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Purchase your PTA membership today!

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The Sag Harbor Elementary School PTA works to bring the school community together to support every student, parent, and teacher.

SHES PTA Supports Students

We make sure every child gets a new book at the book fair, make sure every student has school supplies, every student can join in on pizza day, etc..

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SHES PTA Supports Families

We provide information to families and caregivers and plan events to bring us all together in support of Sag Harbor Elementary school.

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SHES PTA Supports Teachers

We grant teachers thousands of dollars each year to support their ideas. We support class parents in bringing fun crafts and games to classrooms. 


SHES PTA Supports Community

We support NYS PTA and their advocacy for public school funding. We build connections through the community with our weekly newsletter.

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Why Join SHES PTA?

PTA has an annual membership that costs $10 per person or $20 per family. A portion of this money goes directly to national and state advocacy for public schools throughout the country. The rest is used to continue the events, programs, and support efforts the PTA does for and with the school community each year. 

You can be involved in whatever ways work best for you. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities, donations are gladly accepted, meeting participation is always appreciated. Figure out what works best for you schedule and start there. The more community members involved the better our programs become. 


Please reach out to us with all questions and/or ideas - we love to hear from you. Thank you for your support and involvement in the Sag Harbor Elementary School community!

For general PTA information please visit our partner organizations NYS PTA  and National PTA.

Every Member Matters!

Sag Harbor Elementary School PTA Leadership

President - Heather Nardy

Vice-President - Hope Livingston

Co-secretary - Yavanna Gettling

Co-secretary - Jennifer Skilbred

Treasurer - Jennifer Wolfson

Events Coordinator - Jess Quinchembo

Pre-K Liaison - Christine Horgan

Pre-K Liaison - Kiley Demarco

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