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PTA Meeting Minutes

Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month!

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021


Gym Class Fundraiser

The park board is going to discuss a possible gym class for parents for a PTA fundraiser at the park.  It will be voted on tomorrow.

Class Parents

Must be a member of the PTA to be a class parent.


Picture Day

An order form will come home with the proofs so parents can order then.

Teacher Grants

    There will be a faculty meeting tomorrow.  Mr. Malone will discuss the teacher grants with the teachers at the meeting and then he will send them the letter explaining the grants.


Halloween Parade

    Oct. 29th. At 2:00.  The town will vote on accepting the permit at a meeting tonight.  There will not be a party at the school after.


First PTA Sponsored Pizza Day

We will host a school wide pizza day on Oct. 29th. 


Halloween Decorations

    We will send out a sign-up genius to parents to sign up to decorate the entryways to the buildings (SHES and The Learning Center) on the 28th.  Parents will be asked to arrive at 3:45 and donate decorations.


Update from Mr. Malone

  1. Tomorrow morning will be the first out-door, in-person Morning Program with the 3rd grade and their families.

  2. Thursday at 3:45 there will be a tour of the school for new families


Gingerbread Night

    Most likely virtual this year. Christine Mazzeo and Caitlyn Diabold volunteered to pick up the houses.  We will need 150 houses this year.


Book fair

    We will hold an outdoor book fair in the spring. Kiersten Simmons will be the chairperson.


Spirit Week

    We will host a spirit week in November. Most likely the week before Thanksgiving break.



    We need to set up the dropbox links.  Some parents volunteered to help - Maria Elias, Heidi, Jeannie


Social Fundraiser

    Possibly online/virtual again this year.  Possibly in-person in the spring.  In the future we will ask for donations of items or services to auction.


Merch. Sale

    We will ask Mr. Malone if we can have an in-person sale on Friday at dismissal. After the sale we can start to focus on designing and purchasing new items.  Suggested items were hats, blankets and beach towels.


Mask Lanyards

    The PTA will supply mask lanyard to all of the students. 


Next Meeting Tuesday, November 9th at 9:15


Tuesday, 9.21.2021


Thank the leaving board members and vote in the new members.

  1. Rebecca Burnside (vice-President) is stepping down

  2. Michelle Lenzi (co-treasurer) is stepping down

  3. Kristina Cardonas (co-treasurer) is stepping down

  4. Majority voted in Heather Nardy as the new vice-president

  5. Majority voted in Hope Livingston as a new co-treasurer

  6. Majority voted in Jen Wolfstein as a new co-treasurer

  7. Majority voted in Alicia Tsibiridis to continue on as president

Class Parents

Lists are being put together now to determine class parents/PTA liaisons for the 2021-2022 school year.  Anyone interested in volunteering must become a PTA member and then e-mail the PTA.

Weekly Newsletter 

The school will send the PTA newsletter out on Fridays through Parent Square.  This year we are introducing a spotlight section where we will highlight a student or a class that is doing something noteworthy. 

Picture Day

September 27th is picture day.  The PTA board will run the day and be the only volunteers needed.  Parents will be sent the Class Act order forms.


Volunteers are needed for the 2021-2022 yearbook.  Please contact Alicia if you would like to volunteer.

Online Shop

Merchandise, memberships and yearbooks are sold on the PTA online shop which can be found at
We will inventory lanyards from last year and possibly order more. 
Friday, September 24th the PTA will have a merchandise sale in the field at dismissal.

Teacher Grants

Money made through the fundraiser last spring will be put toward grants for the teachers.  We raised over $12,000 and would like much of the money raised to go to teacher grants.  Teachers can submit an application for a grant of up to but not exceeding $500.00.  Grants can go to a project or item or items that will be used in the school that the normal school budget doesn’t cover.

Pizza Day

Normally every Tuesday the PTA runs a pizza day.  Because of Covid restrictions the PTA will offer sponsored pizza days near holidays.


Mr. Malone will talk to Chief McGuire and get back to us about whether or not the town will allow a parade this year because of Covid restrictions.  Alicia will go ahead and apply for the permit now.  It was mentioned that families enjoyed the Halloween scavenger hunt.  We can run another hunt this year again.

Book Fair 

We will host another outdoor book fair in the spring.  Last year we raised roughly $8,000.  If covid numbers are low enough, parents will be able to volunteer to help out during the fair.

Virtual Trivia Night

The virtual trivia night was a success last year.  We will ask Mr. Reed if he will host another one this year in November.

Spirit Week

We hope to have another spirit week to encourage school spirit by having a week of dress up theme days.

Gingerbread Night

We will host gingerbread night again this year.  Not sure that we can host it in the gym so may be online again with a contest.


    May not take place.  We will have to see when it gets closer.

Wax Museum

    PTA will hire a photographer again to take portraits.

School Board Meeting Update

Yorgos Tsibiridis introduced himself as board member liaison to the elementary school.  Ryan Winter is also a liaison to the elementary school.  He encouraged parents to virtually attend the school board meetings.  The superintendent and principals give updates at the beginning of all of the meetings.  An email will go out about volunteering for different committees.

Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 23rd is SHES curriculum night.  A schedule was posted on Parent Square.

Outdoor Lunch

SHES has had the students eat lunch outside on a rotating schedule and will continue to do this as long as the weather allows.  Tents need to come down in November.

Mr. Malone Update

    He is very happy with the opening of school.  Parents are keeping kids home with even stuffy noses and are cooperating with covid guidelines.  He is cautiously optimistic about the year and being able to get back to some form of normalcy at the school.  

A parent that was new to the school last year asked if new parents would be able to take a tour of the building since they have never stepped foot inside.  Mr. Malone was going to look into something like this with the help of the PTA board.

A parent asked what happens if a student in a class gets covid.  The school contacts the Department of Health.  Together they go over what safety measures the school is taking such as masks and social distancing.  The school will contact other families only if there is reason to.  They are not recommending quarantining at this point because the school is taking precautions.  Mr. Malone will watch if more than one student contracts covid in a class he may suggest a class quarantine.  The teachers and students are preparing by learning how to use Google Classroom. 


Next Meeting

Tuesday, October 12, 2021